IT Principals seeking business-technology hybrids

By VAR_Staffing
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May 2, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

In today's IT channel, a new type of professional is being coveted by IT Principals. This person has a hybrid skill set and knowledge that every business is starting to look for. It is an IT professional who is both business savvy and technically sound.

A recent IDC Enterprise survey of nearly 700 senior IT and business executives found that more than half said they wanted IT to be business conscious (61 percent), collaborative (53 percent) and innovative (50 percent). However, finding these professionals and hoping they are able to mesh with a traditional IT department setup is a challenge.

Some technology decision-makers are thinking about drastic action. For example, the study found that 27 percent of IT and business leaders would remake their company's IT departments from scratch.

"Business savvy comes from years of experience working on the business side, generally at a level high enough to have a broad cross-functional perspective," Dave Smoley, a 2013 CIO Hall of Fame inductee, said in a CIO article. "Because technical competence comes from years of experience working and training in math, science and technology, it is rare to find both in one individual."

With the pressure mounting on IT departments to deliver solutions that will boost business results and develop customer-facing applications, trying to find this kind of impactful talent is adding another layer of stress. Many tech decision-makers are turning toward VARs and MSPs to answer these growing tech challenges. Solution Providers that have partnered with VAR Staffing can offer dynamic professionals that the IT channel needs.

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