Secured MSP WordPress Websites

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
April 23, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

secure MSP websitesThere are many reports of WordPress hacking attempts making the news and flooding social media streams across the MSP community.

Is your website secured?  Hacking attempts are not unique to just WordPress and we believe it is unfair to categorize WordPress as an unsecured web platform.  After all, as IT VARs and Managed Service Providers, we continue to support Windows servers and continue to recommend Microsoft solutions to our clients even though Unix and Linux are more robust server platforms and Mac computers were really never in the sights of hackers.  We say at Ulistic that WordPress is the Windows Server of the web industry.

Here is what we believe at Ulistic and why we continue to stand behind WordPress as the best platform for your MSP website.

Just like Windows Server or Windows XP.  WordPress is a very popular website platform and when anything becomes popular it attracts attention, good and bad.  Business owners want a great web platform that can be hosted almost anywhere, although we recommend Siteground (they are the best) and hackers wanting to exploit vulnerabilities known or unknown.  Remember, Windows?

Ulistic takes securing MSP websites seriously.  Our MSP websites using WordPress are very secure.  Can we protect against every threat?  We would be lying if we said yes.  But we respond to any threat and have safety precautions in place to ensure your MSP WordPress website is secured.

In addition, our partnership with Siteground adds an additional layer of security.  Siteground provides hacking prevention at the network layer and WordPress protects at the application layer.

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Looking for a WordPress MSP website that could create leads into ConnectWise and attract the right type of prospects?

Contact Ulistic today at 716.799.1999 ext 102.

Are you looking for a new hosting partner?  Contact Siteground, they are the best hosting provider out there.  Trust us.

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