Mobile applications are driving force behind post-PC era

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April 16, 2013

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Yesterday, we covered the plummeting sales numbers of the PC during the first quarter of 2013. While the use of mobile devices is certainly contributing to this drop, a recent article from CITEWorld suggests that something more specific is powering the post-PC era: mobile applications. This shift is causing headaches for IT Principals trying to manage business technology.

According to the piece, apps are playing a major role because they can be obtained directly by the end user and give them a tool to handle specific job-related tasks. Additionally, they offer a level of simplicity, as many employees use smartphones and tablets in their everyday lives, so adding an application for a work-related function is easy to figure out.

This is in stark comparison to how IT departments have worked in the past. Traditionally, software has been controlled by the tech departments and it was difficult for employees to question the decisions because IT professionals were the experts.

The piece also cites James McQuivey's new book "Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation" in which he highlights how free tools have had a major impact on innovation due to their impact on end user expectations.

"Because what has changed," McQuivey wrote, "is consumer's ability to get what they want. This has lead them to believe their needs can and should be met … "

With mobile applications and devices becoming critical tools in personal and professionals sectors, enterprises that are dragging their feet adopting the technology could find themselves in trouble. Many will turn to trusted VARs for assistance in the development and rollout of the applications and devices. VARs can separate themselves from the competition and become trusted partners by offering the very best talent in the market. VAR Staffing can help by recruiting this talent to VAR teams.

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