Four Reasons You Should Be Using LinkedIn

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
April 15, 2013

Herman Pool / Vertical Axion


The other day one of my clients asked me what I thought of advertising on LinkedIn.  While people often use LinkedIn for networking, hiring, and finding a job, it can also be a great opportunity for marketing your business.

Become An Expert By Interacting On Community Pages

Find and join some Community Pages that your target audience might frequent.  Now, spend a few minutes each day to participating in the conversations there.  Don’t just try to sell your product.  Instead take the time to help answer people’s questions and maybe ask some of your own.  Over time you will build rapport and can naturally bring up your product or service in conversation.  This also helps build your company brand and keeps you on top of what is happening in the vertical you sell to.

Opportunity for Laser Focused Targeted Advertising.

The paid advertising opportunities on the LinkedIn website enable you to narrow down the list of individuals who will see your advertisement by vertical, company size, and employee title. If you sell B2B services, this is an amazing opportunity.  Imagine the money you will save by only targeting C-Level prospects that can actually make purchasing decisions.

Advertising on LinkedIn Can Mean More Referrals

It is possible a LinkedIn advertising project might become a big part of building your brand. Even if your ad is seen by someone who can’t use your services, it is possible they can become a referral source for you.  People love to help their friends and will recommend services they saw online.  Remember, the power of Social network advertising is the fact that it doesn’t end with just one interaction. A LinkedIn advertising project might become a big part of building your brand.

No Cat Photos Means Less Garbage To Sort Through

Facebook is full of distractions.  It is a place where anything and everything is marketed and it makes cutting through the noise more difficult.  LinkedIn is built for business.  People on LinkedIn expect to do business there so you don’t have to compete for ad space and attention with the latest Farmville update.

While LinkedIn has a smaller audience that what you might find at Facebook, it is also a much more focused audience if you sell B2B products or services.  Many of LinkedIn’s features are free to use so go create an account and get started today.

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