IT channel seeking versatile, ‘switch-hitting’ professionals

By VAR_Staffing
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April 11, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

In boardrooms across the country, the voices of CIOs are becoming more prominent as executives engage in overarching business discussions. IT departments need to be able to adjust quickly to evolving business imperatives, meaning that every initiative they enact needs to include consideration of the long-term effects on the company as a whole.

Alta Resources CIO Steve Hyde told ComputerWorld that one of his major initiatives has been to weave in all business departments into the same IT infrastructure. This dynamic places IT and operational departments on the same plane, increasing the effectiveness of IT solutions. 

But it also requires IT professionals to be "jacks-of-all-trades" – in a sense – more than they've ever been in the past.

"Back in the dot-com boom, we saw a huge array of hip job titles," IT staffing expert Laura Kelley told ComputerWorld this week. "It was a way to attract talent to have a job with a word like 'ninja' or 'master' in it. Since the economy has gotten a little better, we see it happening again. What is new is the substance of a lot of those jobs – big-data-driven jobs that focus on business intelligence."

Call them what you'd like – ComputerWorld refers to them as "switch-hitters" – but the reasons these IT pros are attractive to VARs and MSPs in the IT channel right now is that they're versatile. They are well-suited to respond to evolving tech challenges that come up day-to-day and they're also adept at applying a strategic, long-term focus as they consider how IT solutions impact the far-ranging goals of a business.

Given the value of these versatile professionals, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're also quite rare. Fortunately for leading Solution Providers, VAR Staffing has proven it is capable of finding high-level, unparalleled IT talent that will help set VARs and MSPs apart from the competition.

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