Mobile devices becoming a ‘think only’ technology

By VAR_Staffing
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April 3, 2013

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Every day, company IT Principals need to examine numerous industry trends to see which, if any, make sense to implement into their particular business routine. While many of them are given a fair debate and then passed on, others become an important part to daily operations.

Then, there are those that transcend the market and move up the priority list from "think first" to "think only" in the mind of IT decision-makers. Mobile devices have become one of those technologies.

In the recent report, Tech Trends 2013: Elements of Postdigital, Mike Brinker and Shehryar Khan, examined the explosion of smartphones and tablets in the consumer world and how the enterprises have taken note. They mentioned that it is a rare CIO today who does not think about the impact of mobility and consumerization.

"Mobile initiatives have popped up in almost every corner of the business – looking to untether the workforce, engage customers more effectively and reshape business-as-usual," wrote Brinker and Khan. "CIOs are scrambling to deal with the outcry: to imagine, build, deploy and promote applications. And all the while, many are singing the gospel of 'an app for that,' trying to close the gap between end-user expectations and current offerings."

When you look at the numbers, this shift makes sense. In 2012, both Apple and Google Play surpassed 25 billion app downloads. On top of that, internet trends found that smartphones and tablets were responsible for 13 percent of all internet traffic last year. Furthermore, a recent Gartner study found that device IT spending in 2013 will reach $718 billion.

Harnessing this trend and making it a priority for business takes more than just buying some iPads and handing them out to employees. Executives need to make sure they have the right resources in place to handle every possible challenge that the IT channel can come up with.

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