How archiving can help your email marketing strategy

By Sonian
In Channel
April 3, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to bolster your brand's awareness, reach new customers and retain existing ones. Of course, it isn't without its difficulties. Launching a thorough and multi-tiered email marketing campaign means that you will have to have a strong email archiving protocol in place for managing the larger volume of emails, both those you send and those you receive.

While this may not seem like a pressing concern at first, companies that ignore the nuts and bolts of their email systems often find themselves in a delicate situation. This is particularly true now that emails are coming from a much wider range of devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. If you want to make the most of your email marketing initiative, it is imperative that you find an easy, intuitive and elegant way to manage your email.

Here are some tips to help you make your email marketing campaign as effective and easy to manage as possible. 

Strong content
If you want to use emails to market your business, it is essential that you are sending out strong, useful and easy-to-understand content. Nobody likes to have their time wasted, and dull, vapid emails are a surefire way to waste your customers' and targets' time. 

Before you even send out your first batch of emails, make sure you have an idea of your objectives, an understanding of your tone and a strong team in place to lead the charge. According to CIO, all the fancy gimmicks in the world won't help an ounce if your email's content is weak. This is true across the board, but even more so if you intend to reach a mobile audience.

"Multi-column email layouts can be lovely in [computer] inboxes, but for success in the mobile device arena, the single column format is best," Dean Levitt, an email marketing expert from Mad Mimi, told the source. "For all the sophistication of mobile devices, email marketers see the most success with layouts that have as little 'noise' as possible and the call to action visible without scrolling."

It is tempting to hit the ground running with an email marketing campaign and put off thinking about smaller details until later. This strategy, however, has been shown to be dangerous. According to Business2Community, it is especially important for growing companies to protect themselves against the dangers of increased email volume. Using an email marketing solution can help you ensure that all your hard work is not undone by a lack of planning.

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