Military agency looking for better document management options

By Sonian
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March 29, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

The federal government is made up of a myriad of different agencies, offices and departments. These entities are increasingly relying on cloud storage and management tools, as federal initiatives drive toward more cost-effective and user-friendly solutions, streamlining operations for less than previous upkeep and maintenance of legacy tools would have run them. While daily-use cloud storage is a vital aspect of cloud implementation, the volume of information and management requirements associated with these assets makes establishing dedicated long term storehouses essential.

Understanding management requirements
According to the U.S. General Services Administration, all federal agencies are required to migrate to the cloud, relieving almost 1,000 federal data centers by 2015. This will help encourage more security and collaboration of government documents, making it easier for serious inquiries and top-level projects to get the attention and crosstalk they need in order to be fulfilled appropriately. Through the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, government cloud deployments like email archiving and day-to-day storage will make unified solutions available to all departments.

The U.S. Army is among the branches of the military most recently making inquiries about enterprise-level content management (ECM), issuing a general request for information (RFI) from various providers of these services. According to Defense Systems Online, these new resources will need to be compatible with existing Department of Defense systems and offer better collection and collaboration options.

"Response to this RFI will assist the Army in determining if sources exist that are capable of satisfying the Army's ECM requirements," the source reported the RFI as stating. Among these specific requests are global reach, reliability, cost and security.

Picking the best tools
Such sweeping functionality may seem difficult to obtain and effectively execute, but cloud-driven services like email archiving can provide comprehensive options that can facilitate all these demands. Considering the huge amount of sensitive information that the Army is responsible for collecting, processing and managing, nothing less than an all-inclusive solution would be sufficient. These options must be able to network across entire departments and work well with other agencies, as well as providing more transparency and governance over individual documents.

As cloud solutions become more commonplace among public and private organizations of all kinds, enlisting the assistance of dedicated email archiving programs and similar data management software will become more vital to compliance and continuity. With the help of integrated and easy-to-use dashboards, heightened transparency and major cost savings, understanding and implementing the various ECM tools available to organizations will likely drive more adoption among businesses of all kinds.

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