Framework of IT departments being rebuilt

By VAR_Staffing
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March 29, 2013

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As the latest technological innovations have become a bigger part of daily operations for companies of all sizes, the role that IT professionals and the department they work in has changed. Solutions like the cloud and easy mobility have caused many business' critical systems to rely more heavily on what IT can do and it is causing the fundamental definition of the department to change.

In a recent podcast with the E-Commerce Times, Richard Aarnink – the head of IT management domain at Achea Holding – was interviewed about changes that have been made within his technology department. The company has restructured its IT operations with an eye to being as predictive and goal-oriented as any other business. The concept of running IT with the customer in mind is much different than a decade ago but it has been skyrocketed to the top of many business agendas.

"We created a new department, IT Operations, and we created business-relationship departments that were merged with the business units that were asking or demanding functionality from our IT department," said Aarnink. "We changed our entire operating model to cope with that, but we still have a lot of homegrown applications that we have to deliver on a daily basis."

Ultimately, IT operations are being run more like a separate business altogether. There is a bigger emphasis on being responsive to users and more manageable. This helps deliver the results that easily beat deadlines, budget and spec restrictions.

For this new age of IT to run successfully, IT Principals need to make sure they have the right resources and talent in place to manage the new system. VARs and MSPs that have partnered with VAR Staffing can help any company adapt to the changing IT channel.

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