There’s a clash brewing between IT and management over security threats

By VAR_Staffing
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March 21, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

A threat that has been mounting for years appears poised to launch its next wave of attacks. Some of the industry giants that shored up their defenses and probably assumed they were safe from the threat – Apple, Twitter and the New York Times – have found in recent weeks that they weren't so secure after all.

And if their defenses fell, how can other business, lacking their substantial resources, be expended to withstand the assault?

These high-profile attacks, launched by cyber criminals throughout the first part of this year, have perhaps finally resonated with IT departments, many of which are realizing that it's time to enhance their cyber security measures. Deloitte claims that 58 percent of executives it surveyed will do so in the next 12 months, and it's fortunate that they are, because about 80 percent say they lack confidence in their current security measures.

While executives seem to be in agreement that there is a problem, when it comes to determining the appropriate level of protection, views begin to change. SC Magazine published a piece this week that highlighted the difference between what IT professionals believe is adequate protection, and what a CFO who controls the purse strings might think.

"The way management see things, once revenue is compromised, cuts must be made," the magazine reported. "Any items that do not provide obvious and immediate benefits, including security costs, are closely examined. Absent credible justification, they are all expendable and subject to being cut."

Even though organizations might, at some point down the road, regret slashing their IT security budgets, short-term, pressing financial concerns might take precedence.

Those that do acknowledge the need for rigorous IT security measures often turn to Solution Providers that they expect to become their first line of defense against attacks. VAR Staffing provides these VARs and MSPs with front-line talent that forge cyber security strategies that would make any hacker think twice.

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