Report: CIOs’ stars rising in light of five evolving IT challenges

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March 19, 2013

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Even as CIOs become more involved in executive teams, fellow senior leaders within companies feel that they preside over departments that troubleshoot problems, not that they're integral, forward-thinking members of the team.

But this paradigm is changing.

Deloitte Consulting's "Tech Trends 2013: Elements of Postdigital" report drilled down to explore some of the factors that have altered the approaches of IT departments, while also presenting CIOs with an opportunity for their voices to be even more prevalent across the top tiers of organizations.

"CIOs are in a unique position to be the harbingers of change," wrote Suketu Gandhi and Bill Briggs in the report. "To serve as catalysts across the executive suite, helping others understand the boundaries of the possible. To force thinking beyond veneering existing solutions and processes. To stand accountable for realizing transformation."

According to the report, there are currently five factors that CIOs and IT Principals must consider as their departments transition into a post-digital world:

  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Cloud
  • Cyber

Because of the sizeable, ongoing investments required to successfully integrate these five elements into a modern IT department, and the increasingly discerning nature of CFOs as they consider IT budgets, CIOs need to respond nimbly to challenges.

Part of this strategy, according to an analysis of the study by CIO Magazine contributor Thor Olavsrud, needs to include third-party support structures. It is through VARs and MSPs in the IT channel that these innovative solutions become more attainable. These Solution Providers execute and refine company IT goals in a manner that is more focused than if they were pursued using in-house resources.

The most intricate IT challenges require the most innovative solutions, and these are only attainable if VARs and MSPs have access to first-rate IT talent. Many industry leading VAR's have partnered with VAR Staffing to access the leading talent in their local market.

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