Study: IT decision-makers optimistic about 2013

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March 14, 2013

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The February jobs report released by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics is being touted as the best in four years. Unemployment dropped to 7.7 percent and 236,000 jobs were added. While the positive trend is certainly welcome, it is the opinions of IT decision-makers that have tech professionals feeling optimistic.

According to a recent report from ReThink Recruitment, 10 percent of IT directors are planning on making job cuts in 2013, which is half as many as last year. On top of that, 25 percent expect to make budget cuts this year which is down 11 percent from 2012. Furthermore, 48 percent expect their departmental budget to rise this year.

"The importance attached to IT departments has grown enormously since the financial crisis, but paradoxically this has not been matched by growing IT investment … [but] spending now looks like it has turned a corner," Michael Bennett, director of ReThink Recruitment, told IT Pro.

He added that confidence about what 2013 has in store has spread throughout IT departments. Many factors that added to the cautious landscape have subsided and the last few years of job cuts and hiring freezes have come to a close.

Despite the positive outlook, 87 percent of respondents are still worried about finding quality talent. With the latest innovations creating new roles, the available talent pool is shrinking as professionals struggle to master new skills.

For IT Principals, the clouds seem to be parting to reveal a brighter future. However, while many still work diligently to right the ship, partnering with an experienced solution provider can help answer any immediate need in the IT channel.

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