How to watch the Samsung Galaxy S IV launch live!

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
March 14, 2013

hpool / Vertical Axion

In just a few hours, Samsung will be live streaming the launch of the Galaxy S IV smartphone in New York City.  This is interesting from a marketing stand point because this is the first time the Korean-based technology company will debut a device in the U.S. rather than overseas.

This launch is a great example of using multiple marketing tools. They handed out attractive paper invitations to the NYC launch event from their sharp looking booth at Mobile World Congress.  Then, they put together a flash mob in the middle of Time Square.  The flash mobs was a little lame for my taste, but they are getting noticed and that’s what it takes to make money.  Both of these got some decent media attention.

To me the most interesting part of this entire launch is the choice of location.  The launch will be held and live streamed from Radio City Music Hall, just a short distance from Apple’s flagship store.  It seems to me that Samsung has deliberately chosen to symbolically challenge Apple in their own backyard.  At 7PM ET, you can watch as Samsung unveils their new Galaxy S IV smartphone live from their YouTube channel.

Samsung hasn’t forgotten the Twitterverse.  They are urging fans and the media to use the hashtag #Unpacked which is the name of this entire marketing campaign.

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