IT hiring landscape becomes ‘tightest’ in over a decade

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March 7, 2013

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The IT skills gap is a growing concern that has materialized itself in several different forms of the IT channel. From security breaches becoming more common to delaying big data projects, many companies are struggling in the tech departments because they can't find the right talent to handle mounting IT challenges. All of this is happening despite the fact that the total number of U.S. tech jobs hit an all time high this year.

According to several new studies and forecasts that have been released, the amount of job growth in the tech sector is something to be admired but it is not enough to cover the expanding gap.

TechServe Alliance reported that the number of tech employees in the U.S. grew last year by 4.4 percent to an estimated 4,339,800 workers. That is more than two-and-a-half times the national job growth of 1.52 percent. To start this year, the industry has added 15,800 jobs.

"Despite the lingering uncertainty with the U.S. and global economies, I anticipate demand for IT professionals will remain robust throughout 2013," TechServe CEO Mark Roberts said in the report.

While that seems like a positive trend, other reports show that IT workers' confidence in the job market is waning. A Randstad Technologies survey found that only 44 percent of respondents believe they could find a job if needed. That number is down 11 percent from the previous report, which was conducted in the third quarter last year.

Regardless of where the marketplace actually is, there is no denying that IT hiring is getting more difficult. Rona Borre, the CEO of Chicago's Instant Technology, said in an interview with Crain's Chicago Business, that the market for IT talent is "the tightest I've seen it since the tech boom in the late 1990s."

If IT Principals cannot find the personnel they desire, turning toward a Solution Provider can be the next best thing. A VAR or MSP can become a valuable resource to handle any potential challenge with impactful talent.

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