Fiscal cliff gives way to impending IT skills cliff

By VAR_Staffing
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March 5, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Leading up to the start of the new year, every business leader and IT Principal was worried about the impending fiscal cliff. On New Years Eve, a deal was struck and everyone was able to take a breather. While that helped put the corporate world at ease, it is by no means the only cliff that companies are standing on. Some could be just as critical and raise the same level of concern.

For example, the "IT skills cliff" is an acceleration of the IT skills gap that this blog has covered for some time because of the federal sequester spending cuts. This particular term was coined by Harvey Nash president and CEO, Bob Miano, in an interview with eWeek.

"Unlike the fiscal cliff, where we are still peering over the edge, we careened over the 'IT skills cliff' some years ago as our economy digitized, mobilized and further 'technologized' and our IT skilled labor supply failed to keep up," Miano told the news source. "It is not a cost issue but a demand issue."

Areas such as mobile computing, the cloud, social networking, analytics and cyber security have a growing demand among the corporate sector but there are not enough qualified IT professionals in the IT channel to go around. As many of these trends have only been front and center the last couple of years, the educational system is still catching up to teach younger professionals. Older workers on the other hand, are trying to learn on-the-job while still handling the daily rigors of IT.

This is where a trusted VAR or MSP can come into play. With the help of an experience solution provider – especially one that has partnered with VAR Staffing – IT Principals can ensure they have a reliable resource to answer any potential IT challenge.

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