Study: IT security skills gap is worse than ever

By VAR_Staffing
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February 27, 2013

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It seems that each week another major company is revealing that they have been the victim of a cyber security attack. While the increase in ways that companies are being compromised is alarming, a recent study found that the skills gap could also be to blame.

The report, which was conducted by Frost & Sullivan, interviewed 12,000 information security professionals worldwide and concluded that the shortage of skilled cyber security professionals is leading to more frequent and more costly breaches.

The Global Information Security Workforce Study found that the lack of qualified staffing is a top concern for 56 percent of security officers. That is higher than hacktivism (43 percent) and cyber-terrorism (44 percent).

Hord Tipton, the executive director (ISC)² – the company that commissioned the study – spoke to ComputerWeekly about the results of the survey. According to Tipton, he is seeing the economic ripple occurring across the world as a result of the skills gap more than we have at any point in recent years. He added that it is time for the private and public sector to come together and help close that gap.

"Underscored by the study findings, this shortage is causing a huge drag on organizations," Tipton said. "More and more enterprises are being breached, businesses are not able to get things done, and customer data is being compromised."

For IT Principals, this skills gap is a real problem that is getting worse with each passing day. Because of this, VARs and MSPs can become reliable resources to help any company through a cyber security issue or help them prepare for any future attack. With the help of VAR Staffing, these solution providers can find the impactful talent that many companies are looking for.

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