Outsourcing IT security concerns lead more companies to stay local

By VAR_Staffing
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February 25, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Cyber security and IT outsourcing have been paired for sometime. As the Web-based threats evolve at a breakneck pace, companies are struggling to stay ahead of the latest threats and must consider turning to outside help.

One of the places that has been seeing an increase in outsourced IT support in recent years has been China. According to a recent ComputerWorld article, many experts believed the country was the biggest threat to India's dominance in the market. However, government issued malware attacks from China have caused many companies to rethink its plan.

Andy Sealock, a partner at consulting firm Pace Harmon, told ComputerWorld that the U.S. may feel pressure to make a public response to the threats and institute policies and sanctions that will make it more difficult to do business with China.

"This onslaught of espionage targeting U.S. technologies is constant and unwavering," said the White House in its report on mitigating the theft of U.S. trade secrets. "Such attacks are increasing."

Currently, the attacks from China are being used as a teaching tool in universities across the nation. One such class is at Mississippi State University where students dive into the seven year hacking campaign that the Chinese military allegedly orchestrated, which compromised 141 organizations.

More companies than ever are starting to take interest in its own cyber security protocols. This will cause more interest in reliable VARs and MSPs that understand how to best combat the latest security threats. However, Solution Providers need to make sure they have the impactful talent that is ready to handle any issue coming down the IT channel.

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