Customized Branded Cloud Services Legal Pitfalls Whitepaper

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
February 25, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

When the cloud trend erupted, legal questions and red tape surrounded the growing technology movement. Contracts signed between cloud service providers, IT companies like ours, and end clients created headaches and uncertainty on who was responsible for what – and when an issue did occur, which party needed to address it.

Ulistic wants to share with you some of the legal pitfalls and concerns we have stumbled over recently. This is something you can take and brand for your clients. Ulistic will do the work for you and deliver you a finished product. The cost is $49.95 for this turn-key cloud white paper.

Just fill in your information below and within one hour you will receive your example copy and a link to purchase your customized version of the Ulistic cloud services white paper.

Online Form – Ulistic Cloud Services Whitepaper

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