IT staffing reports continue to show different sides of tech market

By VAR_Staffing
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February 22, 2013

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For every step forward that the IT channel makes in the staffing department, there seems to be something to cause them to step back. Currently, there are two competing jobs reports that show both the ups and downs of the industry.

First is the REED technology 2013 Salary and Market Insight report. According to those numbers, 65 percent of IT employees feel secure in their current role and 39 percent will be looking for a new job in 2013. Furthermore, the findings showed that 77 percent of employers are worried about current staff moving on to better opportunities.

"Technology employers are feeling confident to invest in talent and it is encouraging that this has now translated into confidence for workers to look for new roles too," Andrew Gardner, Divisional Director, at REED Technology, said in the report. "While it is clear some technology sector employers are concerned about losing talent, it is important to remember that a buoyant jobs market presents opportunity."

He added that employers who want to retain their own talent should make sure they are investing in current staff. This includes opening up training and promotion opportunities. On top of that, those who are looking to recruit can be confident that the available talent pool has widened.

While those numbers can inspire confidence, the other report from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), found there is a steady downward trend in IT vacancies. Last updated in December of 2012, there is an average year-on-year fall of almost 10 percent across tech vacancies. This is compounded by the rising trend of temporary assignments, which increased 6.5 percent.

Despite the discrepancies, demand for impactful IT talent continues to grow. In many cases, IT Principals are turning toward VARs and MSPs for help with technology projects because they have become valuable resources and, if partnered with VAR Staffing, have the forward thinking professionals that can get the job done.

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