How to manage the rapidly rising volume of emails

By Sonian
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February 19, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

The rapid growth of digital communication has provided an excellent opportunity for businesses of all sizes, but it has also come with its own set of difficulties. The ability to interact instantly and easily with a wide range of people has allowed companies to greatly expand their outbound communication capabilities. Email newsletters, special promotions, customer service outreach and interactive content are now common elements of many businesses' marketing strategies, which has enabled them to cast a wider net and improve retention rates.

However, the rapid growth of email has also made communication management more complex in many ways. According to Business 2 Community, rapid data growth, retention pressures and the storage difficulties have thrown a wrench into many companies' email archiving strategies. 

Cloud Archiving
Luckily, there have been several technological advances that have helped companies better manage their email communications. One of the most effective is cloud-based email archiving. According to the source, using cloud archiving allows companies to focus on only the important aspects of their communications – what content to provide, what marketing techniques to employ and so forth – instead of the tedious nuts and bolts of email management.

All that hard work
Another way that email archiving can help a company thrive is by eliminating the risk of disappearing communications. As the volume of inbound and outbound emails increases, many businesses have begun worrying about the possibility of losing valuable emails. Many of these communications contain increasingly complicated and labor-intensive content, so the prospect of having this hard work disappear is enough to put business owners in a frenzy. 

Luckily, modern email archiving systems help deliver peace of mind. This technology helps companies organize and retain every email they send and receive, which is essential for continued growth and customer retention.

Legal issues
It's not just hard work that can be put in jeopardy by lost emails, though. There are often legal ramifications of unintentionally deleted emails, which can easily put a business in hot water.

This was the thinking behind a Tennessee city's recent decision to adopt an email archiving system. According to the Leaf Chronicle, the Finance Committee of Clarksville, Tennessee, recently recommended that the town implement an email archiving system to avoid the legal consequences associated with lost emails. Emails between city officials and residents are currently only saved to individual email accounts, which makes it possible for messages to be easily lost forever. However, with the adoption of an email archiving system, this threat is drastically reduced. 

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