Ever-evolving IT creates new challenges

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February 19, 2013

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The Post PC world is still shrouded in much mystery and speculation. It is easy to understand why, with the break neck speed at which technology is evolving. IT Principals start prepping for the present and before they know it, the future has arrived and they are not prepared to handle it.

According to Ryan Faas, a columnist for CITEworld, the biggest challenge IT decision-makers face is managing the constant changes in workplace technology, as well as pinpointing what role technology departments play in supporting them.

“When you’re hiring for almost any position (in IT or any other field), you want [to] hire candidates that will be around in ten years. But nobody knows what IT will look like in five years, much less ten,” wrote Faas.

It’s a fair point. Remember back to 2007. Who could have predicted that the iPhone and Android would revolutionize the mobile phone market, while the BlackBerry is pushed out the door? The iPad and tablet markets did not exist back then, BYOD was scoffed at by IT and cloud computing, Dropbox and integrating social media were in their infancy.

Because of this, Faas suggests businesses need to start focusing more on the soft skills, rather than the hard ones. While employers need to make sure any member of the the tech team can troubleshoot a computer issue, they also need to ensure they have a willingness to learn, teach and interact outside the tech team.

For IT Principals, the smartest course of action could be to partner with an experienced VAR or MSP to help them handle the ever-evolving technology landscape. The Solution Providers that are paired with VAR Staffing can provide the impactful talent that can help keep businesses ahead of the curve and their competition.


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