Who do you turn towards for MSP SEO advice?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
February 17, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

SEO for MSPsI received an email today from a long time friend in the MSP business.  My colleague is obsessed with being number one on Google and Ulistic continuously strives to help him achieve this goal.  Stressing over your search rankings isn’t good for your health, because how can you predict Google’s next move?

One thing is true though, we have proof that being ranked as high as possible means more clicks to your website and eventually more potential prospects.  How do you get there?

But who do you turn to when needing SEO advice for your MSP website?

My friend shared with me that someone in one of his networking group reached out to him about significant improvement for his MSP marketing website.  This guy, fully equipped with his perforated business cards and gmail address said he can help my colleague achieve the highest ranking possible.

Naturally, we were just a bit cautious (OK very cautious) about this offering from a so-called expert with his homemade business cards and gmail address.

What kind of business professional uses gmail and homemade business cards today when we have Office365 for $7 for each mailbox monthly and Vistaprint where you can get 250 business cards for $10?

This guy stunk like most snake oil salespeople attempting to steal your hard-earned dollars providing managed services.

First, this person, whose advice was great if we were still in 2004, offered very basic website optimization and SEO information.  However, I can see how this gmail user could convince the untrained MSP or small business professional that they can fix their site and never deliver any real results, WHY?  Because they have no idea on what matters in the SEO world today and how managed service providers can leverage today’s tactics to move up the SERPs.

BTW, his recommendations were very outdated, even telling us that we need to use meta-name keywords, which hasn’t been used with Google since 2009 or so.

Here is the only advice you need to have your MSP website successfully rank on Google.  Are you ready?

Great content and quality links.  There are more things you need to do but these are the biggest two.  How up-to-date is your content and are you getting quality inbound links to your MSP website?

So before you drop another dime on some SEO expert, reconsider any financial investment.  Your MSP does not have to pay a cent for SEO.  SEO is a dead.

I think it is time for us to have another SEO is Dead talk at the next Ulistic MSP Workshop in Washington.

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