IT collaboration key factor to business success

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February 13, 2013

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Proper collaboration is a key to any business’ success. In no area is this becoming more apparent than in the relationship between IT Principals and the rest of a company. In the past, IT has been the department that was called upon when something went wrong. Now, technology is at the cutting edge of business operations and decisions. Organizations that have a strong partnership between business executives and IT leaders are four times more likely to be top performers than their counterparts that have fragmented relationships.

That statistic comes from a recent PwC International Survey published on Tuesday. After interviewing more than 1,100 business and IT leaders from 12 countries, PwC created its fifth annual “Digital IQ” survey. The company defines a businesses Digital IQ as a measure of how well companies understand the value of technology and how they incorporate it into the fabric of their organization.

This involves more than just spending money on the latest innovation. An enterprises must also be able to pair the investment with the companies business’ overall strategy to improve speed, agility and competitive advantage.

“It is no wonder that those firms that have a better Digital IQ can deliver and innovate in a world where the rapid pace of technology is fundamentally reshaping global commerce,” Chris Curran, a PwC principal and chief technologist for the US firm’s advisory practice, said in the report.

With every technology solution that was discussed, companies that were strong collaborators were more likely to invest in such innovations. For example, 61 percent of strong collaborators are using mobile technology, compared to 51 percent of other companies.

Having a strong IT department is becoming more important than ever. IT Principals need to have reliable resources in place to make sure they can handle any solution that could arise in the IT channel.

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