How a Toronto Suit Maker Taught Me An Important Lesson About Telemarketing

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
February 12, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP TelemarketingHow many of you believe telemarketing is a great strategy to build your MSP business? I believe it is one of the most important strategies to have in your marketing plan and according to my recent webinar with GFI MAX, many MSPs agree that telemarketing is one of the top strategies we have to attract new business.

This past week I received two phone calls from a Toronto suit maker. The company’s website touts an impressive client list from people high up in the City of Calgary to major banking professionals in the Canadian banking industry. No doubt their suits are amazing, they look great on the website but this company unfortunately will never receive a dollar of mine. Why?

Back to telemarketing and where I feel MSPs never want to repeat the experience I had with this Toronto suit maker.  Overly aggressive sales people, calling over and over and even an owner who failed to take care of a potential prospect complaint.  After all, I still held the power, the one with the chequebook.

There is the correct way to do it and then there is the suit maker’s way of conducting telemarketing. In our MSP workshops we discuss and share strategies on the best way to use telemarketing in your MSP business.

However, to understand what I believe to be the correct way, let’s review my experience with two sales people from this company. The first one called and got my Executive Assistant; she is doing her job and making sure the right people get through to me and those that are not authorized stay on the outside. She did her job and filtered out the sales person. When leaving a message with her, the sales person said it was personal. Not knowing this person many thoughts entered my mind. Was it someone who knew my kids or maybe a client staff member with a personal issue? So I called back and found out it was someone trying to sell me a suit. Disappointed? Absolutely. Did the trick work?  Yes, it got me to call back.

Next, a call from the same company a few days later, a different sales guy with the same routine. This time I was busy with an MSP coaching client but I heard Missy on the phone and she repeated the message back. He would like to discuss a business opportunity with me.  Ha Ha, I knew it was something too good to be true and I wanted to hear what type of business opportunity I would be missing out on if I didn’t call back. It was another sales guy from this Toronto suit maker.

Now, does this type of telemarketing work? Some would argue yes. They accomplished the first part of the goal. They got a call back, but they failed to accomplish the second goal…my business.

Both sales people (I won’t call them professionals) used a colleague’s name. Digging in deeper, they got permission from my colleague to scrape contacts from their LinkedIn profile and they knew they would be calling. Fair enough, call it leverage. However, the first guy downplayed my relationship with my colleague and totally lacked professionalism.

Now, at the Ulistic MSP workshops we teach telemarketing and how to do it ethically while also getting results. We find that honesty is the best approach. If they asked Missy if I wore suits, she would say YES and perhaps he would get a sale knowing that I like to look professional when presenting. However, I will keep my dollars with Brooks Brothers.

Interested in learning more about how to telemarket your MSP ethically and get results without using tricks or deception to get in front of the decision only to have the door slammed shut? Call Ulistic at 716.799.1999 ext 101 and let’s get on the phone to discuss MSP telemarketing.

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