Despite long lists, IT trends boil down to a small few

By VAR_Staffing
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February 12, 2013

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Knowing the latest technology trend is an important piece of information for any IT Principal to have. While it is still in the beginning of the year, many companies and research firms are putting out their lists of the top trends that companies need to concern themselves with. Not every list is created equal but with a closer examination, they may not be that different.

Recently, Forrester Research released its list of the top 15 emerging technologies that IT decision-makers need to watch out for. However, after examining the list a little closer, it seems like there are only four major topics that need to be focused on: mobile technologies, incorporating social media, big data and moving to the cloud.

In a recent PC Mag column, John Dvorak broke down the Forrester results and pointed out how the 15 technologies on the list can be boiled down to just four. On top of that, he also stated that these “emerging” technologies have actually already emerged, some as long as 10 years ago.

“It’s eventually boiled down to four actual trends: cloud, mobile, social, and data. These are all major trends that began immediately after the dot-com bust around 2001, making them all over a decade old,” wrote Dvorak.

While he is being hard on what many in the business world consider to be a trend, it does show that there are only really a handful of major innovations that businesses need to concern themselves with. However, that adds pressure to correctly integrate those technologies.

It is impossible to accurately forecast innovation. You can make educated guesses, but unless you are the one creating the next big device, platform or service, all you can do is react. That is why IT Principals need to make sure they have the best resources available to adopt them.

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