What IT skill sets to start developing for 2018

By VAR_Staffing
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February 11, 2013

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As technology continues to evolve, predicting what skills will be in demand in the IT channel over the next few years is difficult to do. Just look at how the tech industry has evolved over since 2008. There was no tablet market, smartphones were still in their infancy and very few people had even heard of big data, cloud technology and bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

In a recent report, Dice predicted what would be the top skills that IT Principals would be looking for in 2018. The company used four key trends in IT: the cloud, mobility, smart computing and BYOD.

According to the findings, traditionally business trends have driven changes in technology. That has reversed now as the latest trends in tech are now major factors to changes in business. That is going to impact what skills employers will be looking for and what they are asking IT departments to develop in the coming year.

“Overall, technology jobs are going to grow in the coming years,” Dice reported. “Between now and 2020, employment in the computer and information technology sector is projected to increase by 22 percent, greater than the overall economy’s 14 percent projected growth, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.”

The skill sets that Dice predicts for the future are project integrators, security developers, cloud administrators, virtual connection engineers and natural language speech scientists. While some of these seem like highly foreign concepts, they are really just continuations of systems we are seeing now, like incorporating social media and Apple’s voice command program Siri.

It is clear that the tech sector has just started affecting business decisions. IT Principals need to ensure they have reliable resources in place to meet any challenge that could be coming down the pipe. A Solution Provider that is partnered with VAR Staffing offers impactful talent and make a difference.

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