When Growing Your MSP Remember This…Insight from Winnipeg IT Support Expert

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
February 10, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Winnipeg IT SupportWinnipeg IT support specialist Roger Miranda was visiting the Ulistic office this week in Burlington and during our time together we got talking about hiring and how to build your MSP team.

A common and alarming trend is happening not just with managed services providers but with many small businesses across the country and it starts with their hiring process.

Many small businesses like managed services providers are traditionally technical business owners, craftsmen with their business, masters at understanding the technology and yet, also lost on their own islands. Yes, business owners are often a lonely yet proud bunch.

When it comes to hiring professionals to help build their business many technical business owners hire with an intention to offload the abundance of work they have on their plate, allowing them to breathe for a few seconds, but is this really the case?

What Roger and I discussed was how business owners (and yes this includes managed services providers) often hire people who are not better or more technically advanced like we are taught, but we hire people who are not at the same technical level. Why? Feeding our own personal egos is the main reason, to enforce that we are the boss and the brains of the organization and to make us feel good that we haven’t lost our ability.

Is this the perfect recipe for disaster?

The main reason we hire people is to help offload work, allowing the business owner to focus on working on the business versus in the business. However, we fail to hire the right people and ignore lessons from leaders in industry who are sharing that we need to make sure we have the right people in the right seat on the bus.

What would happen to your MSP if you hire smarter people than you?

Do you look dumb? Is that a fear you have as a business owner? It is OK to admit it; I was once one of those business owners who wanted to control my company through my title as the business owner. What did that accomplish? Nothing but more stress to be honest.

When we hire smarter people we actually look smarter, quite the opposite of what many of us fear. I know that sometimes you are so pressured that you hire the best of the worst. I have been there, but what would happen if you didn’t hire that bad employee and limped along for another couple of weeks while you wait for the perfect employee?

My recommendation is this, resist the urge to run out and get the first person that comes across your plate because you are super busy. Wait it out and you will know when that smarter person walks in the front door. Hire them, pay them accordingly and watch your revenues skyrocket because you can focus on the important parts of your business.

Before you hire your next employee, speak with Ulistic and get your DISC assessment from us. Email mbolton@ulistic.com to get your DISC profile from Ulistic.

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