Tech jobs help push January’s hiring numbers

By VAR_Staffing
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February 7, 2013

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The increasing demand for technology talent has reached the point that it is helping push job growth across the board. According to January’s hiring numbers from the U.S. Labor Department, 157,000 jobs were added last month and the IT sector accounted for 22,100 of them.

TechServe Alliance, an industry group that looks into monthly changes in tech hiring, put the IT job numbers a little lower – 15,800. Regardless of which statistic you use, the technology job market accounted for 10 to 14 percent of the total job growth in January.

According to David Foote, the CEO of Foote Associates, January’s hiring increase is the largest that the company has seen in five years. It also marks a year of sustained growth that has seen 132,300 IT jobs added. He continued to say that the positive trend may be far from over as the last three months of 2012 exceeded the average growth of the rest of the year by 350 jobs a month.

“[Some fairly solid fundamentals] having to do with the role of technology and information in allowing an employer to be competitive in the marketplace, to maintain and increase revenues, to be more profitable, to grow market share, or to keep their customers satisfied,” Foote said in a recent ComputerWorld article.

As technology becomes a more important part of today’s business world, the competition for impactful IT talent grows stronger. VARs and MSPs must have the tech professionals who can handle any challenge while still offering assistance with the overall tech solution.

The talent market today is tighter then we have ever seen it.  In a market like this, you need a partner that understands the VAR/MSP environment. We specialize in finding the top talent in the IT Channel community that makes an impact with our clients.

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