How to Jumpstart Your Small Business for Big Things This Year

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
February 6, 2013

hpool / Vertical Axion


So, you’ve set the goal to grow this year, but do you have a plan to accomplish that goal?  Do you know where and how to start so that you have an excellent foundation for big things later on? Let’s work on that foundation a little.

Make a Plan

How do you plan on going about accomplishing your goals this year? You need to have a solid plan in place. Don’t just wing it. Make sure you’ve discussed something solid with your team and that everyone is aware of what they must do to accomplish your goals. This probably mean more time spent working with your team on creating your action plan.  Whatever your plan is, make sure it’s written down and clearly defined within your organization.

Where Will I Find the Time?

Finding the time to accomplish these tasks will be simple because you will create the time by forming new habits through daily tasks.   Your daily tasks, after all, are the key to accomplishing your goals.  First create a list of the most important projects of the day.  Then write down the steps required to complete the projects.  Now assign the tasks to the appropriate team members.  By creating an updated list everyday, this workflow will eventually become part of your routine.

Track Your Progress

Finally, remember that even if it’s just a single goal or project, you need to keep track of your progress.  Looking back at the progress you’ve made when you’re discouraged can be a inspiring during difficult moments when you don’t feel like working.  Use the momentum of your last completed task to give you a morale boost whenever your efforts begin to fade.

Using clearly defined goals, creating tasks lists, and tracking progress via the task lists, will make reaching your goals and completing projects much easier.  Best of luck in all your 2013 goals!

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