The Ulistic WHY! Helping MSPs Achieve Stratospheric Success

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
February 5, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

There is nothing more powerful than your WHY statement. Something that I knew at Ulistic for the past while but nothing we really lived until recently.  Sure we had this WHY statement floating around our office, but it was nothing that we ate, breathed and slept.

We are taught early in business that in order to succeed we need to have a mission, vision and value statement and these are important to growing a healthy business, but one question comes back over and over; why is our business here in the first place?

For some, it is a lifestyle. For other it may be fortune and fame, but for ours at Ulistic it goes much deeper than how healthy our bank account is or how many nice dinners we attend. Our WHY at Ulistic strikes right to the core and when I personally think it, I can feel it deep into my soul. That is the power of a strong WHY statement.

If you have visited the Ulistic website recently, looked at our business cards or got one of our postcards in the mail…you will see our WHY statement plastered all over. Ulistic’s purpose is pretty clear now “Help every MSP achieve stratospheric success.” If something comes our way that doesn’t fit this model, we don’t do it.

Our purpose is now part of our everyday life at Ulistic. It is our core of existence. Sure, we could have made the reason why our business exists to make a great deal of money or have a fancy car, to me those are results of doing our job with passion and living our WHY every day.

What is your WHY? Why does your managed services business exist? Can you really answer this and then live it every day?  Is it on your mind when you get out of bed? Is it the last thing that you do each day?  It is your WHY, your life!

Can you look around your office and see it everywhere you look?

Is it the first thing your clients see when they come to you? Is it on your website? How about your business cards? Or are you…

Still trying figure out your WHY statement?

Here is the best way to figure it out. What drives you? What gets the passion inside burning when you think about it? What will make a difference in the people you serve when you execute it?  What will attract followers, prospects and the right people to join your team?  How can you be the Pied Piper?

The graphic below should also help.

Managed Services Success

The WHY is your reason why your business exists.  The HOW is how you accomplish your WHY and the WHAT powers your HOW.

Example:  Ulistic is here to for every MSP to achieve stratospheric success.  How we accomplish this is thru MSP coaching, Managed Services Training and different range of services geared towards the MSP market.  The WHAT we do is MSP newsletters, MSP websites, MSP marketing, MSP Sales Training…you get the drift on how the model works.  Now employ this in your business and see what happens.

Stuck trying to figure out your WHY statement?

Ulistic can help, give us a call at 716.799.1999 ext 101 and book some time to speak with our MSP business consultants.

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