Before you spend a dollar on Google Adwords for your MSP read this…

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
February 2, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Over the past several months Ulistic has been working hard helping managed services providers leverage Google Adwords as part of their online marketing efforts.  Actually we have been using Adwords for the past 8 years.  So we like to think we know how to best market a MSP business using Google Adwords.

After the Penguin and Panda updates we virtually gave up on SEO.  SEO is really now all about great content and having a MSP website that is informative and retains visitors and FINALLY converts visitors to prospects.

We are now helping MSPs globally use Google Adwords to create a healthy stream of leads into their business.

We want to share with you the top keywords we have found to work when MSPs start using Google Adwords.  Put your email in the box below and hit submit.  Watch your email for the top keywords we recommend.

Online Form – Google Adwords List

Be Careful! Google Adwords can cost you thousands of dollars if you do it wrong. We want to help you so please take us up on our complimentary offer of 30 minutes of our time to help you.

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