Get out of your own way. Important Message for MSPs

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
January 31, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

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I ran across this awesome article on the growing trend in the business world of “do it yourself” websites. Wait a second, do it yourself websites? Have you seen one recently?  I know of many examples and many of them are simply crap. Why?

My colleague James Burchell summed it up perfectly in one of his most recent blog posts. How many of us build our own cars before we drive them? Not too many of us I would imagine.

So why do many MSPs or even small business owners want to build their own websites? 

The first logical reason is the perceived cost savings from getting a DIY website. Wait, perceived cost savings? Exactly, it isn’t saving your managed services business anything, it is actually costing you money.  Why? Because you should be out building a healthy MSP sales pipeline and not messing around trying to build your WordPress website or some other type of site.

The second reason why MSPs want to work on their own websites or control their own websites is to make sure they get the right message out there. Stop the presses right there. Most smaller MSPs are great technical folks and what happens when you write about something you know? You put more of that stuff in there and this leads to very technical, vendor logo heavy (because we think that is cool as well) and horrible looking websites that generate nothing for the business.

Do you think this way? If so, how are your MSP sales? Do you have every solution deployed at every client? Are all your clients happy with your services? Have you spoken to all your clients in the past week? Is your sales pipeline busting at the seams? Have you taken your key engineers out for lunch recently and strategized with them on how to work with clients more efficiently?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then please go ahead and mess around with your website. 

But when the answer is NO to some or all of these questions and you still want to waste time on your website, well I can’t help you. You will become just another statistic out there or one who continues to struggle in the growth of your business and wonders why.

Here is what your MSP really needs. As the MSP business owner or director of sales/marketing, you need to own the overall strategy. Then you need to outsource or hire someone who is not super technical but someone who understands IT, to manage and take care of this for you. Be careful though, you don’t want to outsource this to some company who will make you look like everyone else as well and make you sound like a broken record. You always want to have your voice and your culture in your website just like all other parts of your business.

You didn’t build your own car today did you? Stop trying to build your own MSP marketing website. There are plenty of awesome people in our industry who can help you. Ulistic is one of them; we help MSPs get their message online effectively.

Need an MSP website? Talk to us our about $199.00 per month website plan that also includes ConnectWise lead generation services for those on ConnectWise.

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