Taking rogue clouds into account with email archiving

By Sonian
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January 29, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

The process of storing information from electronic correspondence requires fastidious attention to detail and thoroughness in execution. The volume of email archiving that a firm has to deal with on a regular basis means that addressing these issues early will ensure that future storage and analytics practices will have an accurate base to stand on. Cloud computing security concerns may have a strong impact on how successfully businesses can set up these frameworks.

Cloud solutions comprise at least part of the infrastructure in almost 95 percent of all companies, Symantec reported. Of this majority, about three-fourths deal with unauthorized programs in use on a daily basis, a study by the security firm found. These rogue deployments affect everything from payroll and personnel management to email storage and basic file maintenance. That means that sensitive information could be circulating in systems that have no enterprise security whatsoever, a severe continuity threat to any corporation.

Meeting rogue demand
In order to combat this problem, firms may want to consider using a comprehensive in-house solution that monitors the movement of files and records what is created. CSO Online said that one of the biggest reasons why these rogue deployments come into play in the workplace is because employees are trying to get work done faster or more efficiently. If that’s the case, businesses may want to re-evaluate the solutions they currently have in place and procure different ones similar to what employees are already using. Otherwise, treating rogue clouds like bring-your-own-device tools may be an option.

As CSO wrote, building on the tools that workers already bring to the office with them can save firms time and money in procuring assets and teaching personnel how to use them. Taking email archiving security into account would require building a tool that is integrated into current infrastructure and is easy to use, but it should also have enterprise-grade security. Rogue cloud options that provide the kind of email support and analytics feedback personnel like can be made to fit into this framework, with the proper time and attention, the source wrote.

Taking the time to work with staff members instead of limiting them will promote better adoption of approved cloud structures, but if email archiving and other critical processes are falling into rogue cloud territory, firms need to be proactive in examining, adopting or protecting against these elements.

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