IT departments need the right talent to handle the big data revolution

By VAR_Staffing
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January 25, 2013

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Over the last few years, the concept of big data and analytics has been gaining steam as a critical business solution. For 2013, many technology experts are touting the system as a key strategic company asset. Because of this, IT Principals need to prepare for the inevitable meeting with C-Level executives who will want to pick their brains on the subject.

IT departments now find themselves standing on the forefront of a new technology that many business decision-makers are trying to understand. Big data is not the same as other data solutions that have come before it like warehousing, mining or business intelligence analysis. Information is being created faster and in larger amounts than ever before, mainly because of incorporating new raw data like blogs, social media and location-captures.

In a recent ComputerWorld article, Beth Stackpole interviewed a number of different IT executives for their thoughts on big data and how tech departments should be handling it.

“This is an opportunity to walk into the CEO’s office and say, ‘I can change this business and provide knowledge at your fingertips in a matter of seconds for a price point I couldn’t touch five years ago,’” said Eric Williams, CIO at Catalina Marketing.

Stackpole goes on to explain that one of the bigger challenges IT Principals will face is ensuring the department is ready. Many organizations are lacking the right talent to dive into the big data pool. The professionals who created the databases of the past could be out of their elements in the new era.

Big data is a business solution of the future and IT department must have reliable resources and skills to manage the system effectively.

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