Top CIO tech priorities for 2013

By VAR_Staffing
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January 22, 2013

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Any IT Principal that has been keeping a close eye on the IT channel is aware of the growing importance of cloud computing, analytics, mobile devices and resource management to business operations. In fact, all of these innovations are now considered to be top priorities for IT decision-makers.

The list comes courtesy of Gartner. The research firm released the results of a survey of over 2,000 CIOs on what their IT priorities are for 2013. Not surprisingly, analytics and business intelligence, mobile technology and cloud systems were the top three.

The survey also touched on what trends would be important over the next 10 years with 70 percent of CIOs zeroing in on mobile devices. Big data, social media and the public cloud were next, being cited by an average of 53 percent.

According to Gartner’s vice president Dave Aron, the results of survey are indicative of a general growth in IT. Respondents said that technology would be used to continue enterprise growth, delivering operational results and reducing costs.

“Reacting to limited budgets by restructuring costs, outsourcing and doing more with less made sense from 2002 to 2011, when the supply of innovative technologies was scarce,” Aron said. “Adapting to, and leading, in the digital world requires doing things differently, yet in ways consistent with the demands of digital technologies, CIOs need to make the case that mainstream emerging mobile, big data, social and cloud technologies justify revisiting IT budget and investment levels.”

It is clear that there are a number of current tech trends that IT Principals need to be aware of over the next few years. However, incorporating them into existing infrastructure can be difficult without the right resources to handle them properly.

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