Why Thinking Long-Term is Powerful

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
January 21, 2013

Kat / Vertical Axion


We talk about big companies because we have a lot to learn from them. Today we’re going to talk about Amazon.

Amazon is a very unusual company in many ways. One of the ways they’re so different involves the fact that they think very, very long term (we’re talking about a decade into the future). The company took a risk and started developing their eReader Kindle seven years ago – an investment which has paid off tremendously, but only because they were thinking so far head. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, even says that the company is still planting seeds that are only going to truly begin to grow in the next ten to twenty years.

If you need proof that this strategy works, we’ve got some of that for you, too. Amazon sells over 182 million products, and the projected end-of-the-year income for Amazon is $60 million, which amounts to a little under $10,000 every five seconds. The website has over 80 million visitors every month and over 150 million active accounts – 30 million more people than voted in the last US Presidential election.

Amazon’s strategy works for them, and it could work for you if you were to give it a chance. You may not have to think a decade in advance, but a year or two could do some good for any company. Arrange your goals, ideals, and work ethics around the idea that you’ll be around to reap the benefits in a few short years. Like Bezos says, be “stubborn on vision, flexible on details, and don’t give up on things easily – even if those things are going to take years to come to fruition.”

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