Email archiving beats out human instinct

By Sonian
In Channel
January 21, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Email archiving software solutions abound in a world where email is a primary form of communication. Because so many emails are sent and received by organizations around the world, many are finding innovative ways to save emails so they are searchable in the future. With messages entering and exiting enterprises at record speeds, leaders are turning to solutions with search capabilities and intuitive features.

Email archiving is intuitive

According to Kim Dunn, a Business 2 Community contributor, email archiving does more than simply save messages for later use, particularly in eDiscovery. Dunn reported that cloud storage solutions like email archiving and file archiving beat out human instinct. What humans believe should be saved may not be the most important, for example. Human nature is more flawed than archiving solutions, according to Dunn.

Solutions are automatic

Dunn explained that so much of human makeup consists of automatic actions. People don’t forget to breathe or need instructions on how to perform tasks like eating and drinking. Because of this, people often forget that saving and storing documents is essential. Manually archiving emails may not be a habit- it isn’t something learned within the first five years of life- causing email archiving solutions to beat out human behavior. These types of software solutions are automatic, allowing users to give up on perfecting their saving strategies in the interest of other important work-related tasks.

Enhanced search, encrypted challenges

Although email archiving offers enhanced search capabilities, leaders should check on how a company can add search for encrypted messages. ComputerWorld reported that email archiving solutions save time and money, but sometimes present difficulties when businesses try to implement security features on selected documents. Mathias Thurman, ComputerWorld contributor, reported that his company has had problems searching for emails in the archive when they are encrypted. These messages are often important to find due to the importance of the information within, reported Thurman.

No questions, just deployments

Business executives are no longer questioning the usefulness of email archiving. Instead, they’re simply implementing solutions, paying close attention to search features, cost savings and more. These leaders understand that email archiving is a necessity, especially as messages are increasingly being used in matters of eDiscovery. As more emails pile up in inboxes and outboxes, cloud storage solutions will become even more important.

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