IT departments being used to make cash register ring

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January 18, 2013

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<p> The importance of the relationship between the latest technologies to the business world is easy to see. Innovations like cloud computing and mobile devices are changing the way companies operate on a daily basis and managing all of these systems is becoming a crucial component to success. However, as technology becomes more necessary to <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>the entire operation, IT departments are moving out of the internal bubble and are helping organizations bring in more revenue.</span></p> <p> Whether it is establishing a software center, creating a Web-based platform to better connect with customers or helping consumers access big data and analytics, IT Principals are challenging IT professionals to think outside the box.</p> <p> In a recent <a href=”” target=”_blank”>ComputerWorld</a> article, Mary Pratt sat down with a number of CIOs to talk about how IT departments are not only called upon to create revenue but how they are meeting the challenge.</p> <p> “Most CIOs are internally focused, and that’s a big enough job as it is,” Frank Scavo, an analyst with Constellation Research Inc, told the news source. “When it comes to delivering smart products to customers, it’s usually in the product development or marketing group. It’s unusual to see CIOs stretch into that role, but CIOs are looking at ways to deliver more value to the organization.”</p> <p> As the reach of IT departments expands, those professionals will have a better understanding of the company’s business. Those that have fully embraced every aspect will have a much better opportunity to create external revenue-generating projects. Despite this, IT Principals need to make sure they have the right resources in place to help these projects reach their full potential. VARs and MSPs that offer impactful talent can become valued partners in this process.</p>

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