IT project managers must possess a certain skill set

By VAR_Staffing
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January 17, 2013

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As many companies are aware, proper project management skills are a crucial component to success. However, there is a difference between handling a corporate project and one that involves the IT department. Just because employees have experience spearheading a new initiative doesn't mean they can run a tech team.

A recent CIO article features interviews with several project management experts and executives to find out what skills an IT project manager must possess. Many of the traits are universal to any leader, like being organized, taking charge, good communication skills, and problem solving abilities. However, there is one that is specific to IT – having tech knowledge.

"[You] must have solid knowledge of the platforms, software and programs that your company regularly works with, even if your job is not actually technical," Joel Gross, the founder and CEO of Coalition Technologies, a Web design and marketing firm, told the news source.

Aside from the obvious need to understand what you are leading, there are other benefits to having IT skills. Bob Herman, the owner of an IT provider, said that having technical knowledge allows project managers to assign themselves specific tasks. This puts leaders in the trenches with their team and can help earn trust and respect that can be crucial down the road.

The role of project manager is a crucial one for any IT department. The tech world is filled with new deployments and innovations that will require time to get up and running. IT Principals need to know they have the right personnel in place to run these initiatives. Solution Providers that are partnered with VAR Staffing can ensure decision-makers have the impactful talent that can lead their tech teams.

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