How can MSPs learn from JetBlue?

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
January 16, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP TrainingOur Orange County Managed Services Training event in January 2013 was a huge success, but many have no clue that this MSP training event was in jeopardy of not happening.

The Ulistic team’s trip from Buffalo to Los Angeles started like all trips from Western New York. We left Buffalo on time and headed to JFK airport. After our brief layover at T5, we boarded our plane for LAX on time and comfortably settled into our Even More seats (well worth the fee for the upgrade).

With approximately 90 minutes of travel remaining and somewhere over the Utah/Arizona desert is where our MSP training event was in jeopardy. The left engine of our Airbus 320 went down. According to my son (the aviation guru of the family) it sounded like a compressor stall. I have no idea what that means, all I know is that we were flying on one engine and being diverted to one of our fall Managed Services Training venues, Phoenix, AZ. Not LA, where I wanted so desperately to be, Phoenix at midnight, 9 hours prior to our training event scheduled to start at 9 AM in Orange County.

We landed safely at Sky Harbor, made it to the gate…and now what? Lucky for us, we were able to hop on United in the morning and long story short, made it to Orange County for our managed services training workshop with an hour to spare.

You know what is funny, we did everything we could to get there on time to deliver our content to the managed services providers present and still some MSPs in Orange County never gave the courtesy of an email or telephone call that they couldn’t make it.  These are the people who will continue to struggle in business and wonder why?

JetBlue Airways is America’s best airline and I will fly no other. Why? JetBlue took care of our entire team stranded in Phoenix. Phoenix JetBlue general manager Maiza Lombardo made sure all their customers were looked after, booking them on upcoming flights or making arrangements on competitive airlines. She and her team at JetBlue Phoenix made sure all their surprise guests were taken care of with hotel arrangements or whatever they needed.

Why does this matter to the average managed services provider? JetBlue is known for their excellence in service and even if they cannot predict when an Airbus will have engine difficulties, they were prepared and to us, it appeared everything was fine tuned. There was a full compliment of staff at the airport ready to serve the 150 or so stranded clients.

You see, no one will ever know how great your services are until they have a challenge. Is your MSP prepared to have a full compliment of staff ready to serve at a moment’s notice? What does your client server down plan look like? Can you produce one if I asked to see it? Or is your plan made up as it happens?

In addition to taking care of stranded clients while in Phoenix, many received travel vouchers for the future and also had their new flights and hotel reimbursed. That is service. All other airlines can learn from JetBlue.

Eventually your managed services business will have an issue out of the ordinary, are you prepared? Can you take care of the situation and keep your client satisfaction super high?

Ulistic provides coaching and consulting to managed services providers across Canada and the United States. Incidents like our experience with JetBlue help us mold our coaching and consulting services for managed services providers. Can we help you?

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