Twitter archive shows importance of saving email

By Sonian
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January 15, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Email archiving has become popular in enterprises where leadersneed to quickly search through inboxes to find messages, and now social media archiving is coming into vogue as well. Business 2 Community suggested that Santa Claus would be an excellent candidate for an email archiving solution, as he constantly needs to check up on lists of toys.  It's not just businesses (and Santa) who are the forefront of such initiatives, it's also the U.S. government. They're now attempting to create a Twitter archive of all the country's Tweets.

Government archiving Tweets
The U.S. government has been working on an archive, but it's not of books and precious historical documents. Instead, The Library of Congress is attempting to archive 170 billion Twitter Tweets as part of a new initiative to catalog the country's past and present online presence, according to CNN. The Library seeks to develop a solution that can catalog these Tweets and make them searchable in a similar way to email archiving software.

Barriers to archive publicity
Even so, The Library of Congress is running up against a few roadblocks, such as the ability to make this Twitter archive public to American citizens. Although this is the ultimate goal of the initiative, it is not yet clear how this will be done with today's technology.

"It is clear that technology to allow for scholarship access to large data sets is lagging behind technology for creating and distributing such data," library executives wrote last week, according to CNN. "Even the private sector has not yet implemented cost-effective commercial solutions because of the complexity and resource requirements of such a task."

Those in enterprises can take notes of the government's new initiative, as email archiving solutions also allows a glimpse into the past, which can be extremely important, especially in matters of litigation. If a company needs to go back to find email messages, an email archiving solution can aid to make this process efficient and resource-saving. An email archiving solution can give a glimpse into the past, but it can also protect businesses down the line. Social media posts and updates, as well as email messages, are being brought into the courtroom more than ever as lawyers leverage them as evidence in litigation.

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