Email archiving providers working together for best solutions

By Sonian
In Channel
January 10, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

The email archiving market is a competitive one for those looking to build software solutions to benefit enterprise and organizations, which is why some vendors are joining up with other software providers to improve their offerings. A slew of new solutions are on the market as developers work hard to provide cloud-friendly email archive systems to those in need.

Email archiving is being deployed by companiesthat want to improve their software solutions, as vendors work overtime to provide the best offerings that provide quality cloud search and other futures. EDiscovery and litigation issues have made the need for email archiving much more prominent.

Sonian's new partnership with Parallels
Sonian recently joined with Parallels Automation to provide better services to small and medium-sized businesses. The partnership will allow both vendors to provide better solutions to their customers, especially those that are looking for options that suit smaller enterprises. More integrated solutions may pop up in the future as developers recognize the need for collaboration.

"Parallels welcomes Sonian to the ecosystem of APS-enabled ISV partners," said John Zanni, vice president of service provider marketing and alliances at Parallels. "Sonian is a well recognized brand in the email archive cloud service segment, and we expect their solution to prove to be popular with our service provider partners and their SMB customers."

Technology grows, changes
In an IT ecosystem that is constantly evolving, partnerships that allow for increases in communication may ultimately result in better services for users. Technology changes each and every day "Every day the IT world continues to advance, accompanied by compliance regulations and new industry standards that require better data storage management from companies," said Jeff Dickerson, CEO at Sonian.

According to The Epoch Times, leaving a "digital legacy" is something for today's individuals to consider, personally or professionally. As emails, social media messages and more get archived, individuals should consider how their digital legacy will look in the future, especially as vendors work together to create more advanced solutions that allow for effective search.

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