If managed correctly, Big Data can be the difference maker for businesses

By VAR_Staffing
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January 9, 2013

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In the early days of operating an SMB, business owners are likely to feel that day-to-day, operational responsibilities are all that they have time for. Identifying best practices and teaching staff to regiment these procedures are vital, and many businesses do not have time to reflect on past successes until operations become largely self-sustaining.

The onset of Big Data has provided SMBs with an opportunity to mine comprehensive information about their operations, and then apply it to constantly improve their interactions with customers and ultimately improve their bottom line. It's through Big Data, according to a December article in MSPmentor, that SMBs are better able to compete with larger organizations.

What role to VARs and MSPs play in helping SMBs achieve these goals?

The management of Big Data is such an involved process that many IT Principals turn to industry-leading VARs and MSPs to help them meet these goals.

But these solution providers need to be careful with how they set up Big Data management teams. It's not enough to simply assemble a high-performing group of data scientists, according to Tech Republic.

"Data scientists should be focused on solving data problems – that's it," John Weathington writes. "If they get distracted with management details, two things will happen: your core problem-solving competence will be severely compromised and you'll never be on schedule. Instead, place a competent manager on the team that understands how to work with data scientists."

Understanding the importance of having a qualified leader of this team is one thing, but actually finding one is another matter entirely. As a proven provider of talent acquisition solutions in the IT Channel, VAR Staffing is uniquely equipped to help VARs and MSPs build their Big Data management teams.

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