CES offers a glimpse into IT’s future

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January 8, 2013

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When you think of Las Vegas a few things come to mind, such as casinos, extravagant stage shows and large conventions. Currently, one of the more popular events of the year is taking place in Sin City – the consumer electronic show (CES).

The CES is a gathering of tech providers showing off their latest gadgets and accessories. It's filled with plenty of consumer hype while some experts blow it off. However, if you look past the fluff you can see the potential future that IT Principals need to be aware of.

Steven Vaughan-Nichols explained this way of thinking in a recent ZDNet article. One of the biggest trends in corporate IT over the last couple of years has been bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and that started at CES. Each year, the showroom floor is covered with the latest smartphone or tablet that is vying for the top spot of the public's desire. Ignoring consumer technology can be the downfall of IT decision-makers.

During the pre-show keynote address, Shawn Dubravac, CEA's chief economist and senior director of research, echoed these points and laid out examples. The beginning of the BYOD trend really began in 2007 when Apple introduced the original iPhone. That device emphasized communication. However, as we enter the "post-smartphone era," these gadgets are about much more.

"Today, 65 percent of the time we spend on mobile phones is not communications. Even adding in e-mail, texting, and so on, smartphones are no longer about communication," said Dubravac. He went on to call these devices "the viewfinder of your digital life."

Mobile devices have become crucial business tools and IT departments need to ensure they have the resources on hand to handle them. MSPs and VARs can help IT Principals manage any new devices that employees and executives want to incorporate into daily operations.

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