Your life is made up from all your decisions!

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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January 7, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP CoachingWhat can an IT consultant learn from Pizza Guru Jim Treliving?

For many outside Canada, the name Jim Treliving may not mean anything to you, however I am sure you have noticed his Pizza empire dotting the landscape over the United States recently.

Jim Treliving – Franchise expert, Pizza Guru, Ex-Cop, Dragon, and for this MSP coach, someone that I respect in the Canadian business community.

Treliving, an ex-RCMP officer, started Boston Pizza (Boston’s for those in the US) from a humble single location in British Columbia, Canada. It was the first franchise of an Edmonton Pizza restaurant where Jim went one evening after one of his evening shifts with the RCMP and he made it into to a mega-success story in Canada.

Jim is also one of the key players on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, again for my US friends, your Shark Tank show came from Dragon’s Den, a show where entrepreneurs search for investment money to build their dream.  Jim for me is one of the cornerstone players on this hit CBC show, now in its seventh or eighth season on CBC. He sits next one of my favourites, Kevin O’Leary and one of my marketing influencers, Arlene Dickinson.

I am reading Jim’s latest book “Decisions”. I highly recommend this book for any IT business owner. If you can’t get it outside Canada, let me know and I will see how I can get you a copy.

I just started reading this book yesterday, so I am just in the first few chapters but the light bulbs have already started glowing. Jim talks about how critical life events come from a series of important decisions. One example would be how he got started with Boston Pizza and how that important decision in Edmonton to have pizza over Chinese food changed his life forever.

The first AHA moment for me comes from Jim’s approach to making decisions in his business and personal life.

First, business decisions are made with the heart. I agree with this, you need to have the passion to do what you do. I love serving the managed services community so I work hard to ensure everything I do as a MSP coach is aligned with this passion and love for what I do. I approach my business with enthusiasm every day.

Second is money. Money decisions must be made with the head. When I make decisions about money with my heart, it often ends in disaster. Money decisions must be thought out allowing you to invest your money wisely. The outcome from using your head to make money decisions is a balance of discipline and practicality.

The last is about people. I have made some poor people decisions in my time, even when my gut says not to trust this person or it doesn’t seem right. I sometimes let my heart or money get in the way of my people decisions. When I look back, my gut never lead me in a wrong direction. I should learn to trust it more.

I look forward to reading Jim Treliving’s book a little bit everyday and then sharing with you what I have learned or the AHA’s I get.

Get Jim Treliving’s book here.

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