Arlin Sorensen Announces Sale of Heart Technology Solutions!

By Karl_Palachuk
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January 2, 2013

Karl Palachuk / Karl Palachuk

Wow. The New Year begins with a bang.

I just got a note from my friend Arlin Sorensen – Famed for the HTS company and HTG (Heartland Technology Groups). Arlin is officially OUT and a new owner is IN at HTS. This deal was finalized last year  and announced today.

Congratulations to Arlin and Nancy (and their amazing team) for putting together such a great model company in the small business space. Arlin remains an inspiration to me and many others in our community.

Of course he’s not retiring. But cutting back to only 40 employees will make for a much more relaxed year in 2013. LOL

Here is Arlin’s announcement:

Based on the recent events this
week, I opted to hold off sending out our 2012 Christmas email which has been
my habit for a number of years.  It is enclosed below, but I decided to
wait and send this to announce a significant change in my world as of
12-31-12.  There is a new sheriff in town, or more accurately a new
owner of HTS
.  Effective the end of 2012, WestTel Systems purchased
HTS from us and is now running that company.  They have purchased all the
assets and are now directing HTS as a DBA of Western Iowa Technology LLC. 
So my world looks a bit different in 2013.  I have been retained to advise
and help with the transition, but my role as CEO has come to an end and now my
focus can become more directed at HTG, HLG, HTS Ag and Varvid in the new
year.  I will continue to be involved in leading those organizations and
continue ownership in each. 


You can read the press release here that has some of the details.  The headquarters
remains here on the farm for the time being, Connie Arentson will continue to
lead as President, and there are a handful employees that are remaining with me
at SCCI (parent company to HTS) to provide needed services to the other Heartland
companies.  We will still have almost 40 staff across those four
companies, so it isn’t like my bride and I will grow lonely here on the
farm.  But less of them will be local to our office here, and definitely a
large component of our risk portfolio has been removed through the sale. 
So I am excited about the future and what it holds.  We will be extremely
busy during the transition to assure success and as little disruption as


Thanks for allowing me to be a
small part of your world these past 27 years in the industry.  I’m not
going anywhere – just giving up one hat so I can focus on wearing some others
more regularly.  You’ll still see me around industry events and working to
serve MSP’s and VAR’s like I have for a long time.  But hopefully I won’t
be quite as stressed and pressured with one less responsibility on my
plate.  I hope you enjoy our Christmas letter.  It has been a very
blessed year, and the events of wrapping up the year are just another touch of
God’s blessing on our patch.

I am looking forward to a great 2013!

I hope you are too.

And I look forward to all the new things we can expect from HTG and the other “HT Properties.”



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