Archiving email is easier than ever

By Sonian
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January 1, 2013

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Enterprise leaders understand the necessity of deploying email archiving solutions, but are often overwhelmed and intimidated by the amount of options available. There are many options on the market, some available via the cloud, some via cassette tape and others reliant on in-house servers. Email archiving solutions are sometimes built into email automatically, but do these solutions provide adequate search features? Which solutions meet enterprise needs?

Email clients offer their own solutions
According to Paul Thurrott, who manages a website dedicated to the discovery of tools for Windows, email archiving has become easier than ever as email clients begin to offer their own tools. As more software solutions grace the market, the field of email archiving is becoming increasingly competitive for vendors, making it a healthy market for those looking to buy. Thurrott explained that Google and Windows are both offering email archiving software as part of these packages. Thurrott reported some flaws that he saw with these features, but expects them to be ameliorated in the future.

Specialized software may be a better choice
Even still, software companies that specialize in creating email archiving solutions may be the best choice for enterprises that could become involved in matters of eDiscovery down the line. According to BizCommunity, email archiving solutions are only effective if they allow for business continuity. Solutions that get in the way of daily tasks will not serve as useful products to businesses. Because most of today's companies are so dependent on email, these solutions need to be automatic, intuitive, easy to implement and easy to search.

"Businesses are extremely reliant on email. Millions of email transactions are exchanged every single day which means massive volumes of business-critical information, instructions, confirmations and orders are housed in email inboxes and later in email archives," said Dries Morris, operations director at Securicom, an IT security company, according to the news source. Because so many business transactions are conducted using email, perhaps the world's most popular enterprise communication tool, it's crucial to have email archiving solutions in place that are both effective and efficient.

Companies around the globe are deploying email archiving solutions to protect themselves in cases of litigation down the line. By keeping email messages saved for years, enterprises can protect themselves through the easy production of crucial documents. Additionally, a quality email archiving solution allows workers to find these documents quickly and efficiently, so that they can dedicate their time to other important, forward-thinking tasks.

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