Top ConnectWise Lead Capture Service WP-Wise Offers New CAPTCHA Service

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
December 31, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

ConnectWise Marketing ManagerSPAM and bogus contacts continue to plague managed services providers who turn to the Internet as their primary source for generating leads and MSP marketing. False leads making their way into ConnectWise continues to be a major struggle for any MSP who has implemented a ConnectWise Lead Capture system into their MSP Website.

WP-Wise, one of the top ConnectWise Marketing plugins for MSP WordPress based websites has now solved this particular challenge.

WP-Wise is a full featured ConnectWise Lead Capture and MSP Marketing service designed to serve managed service providers and IT consulting companies who have invested in ConnectWise as their PSA solution and employ a WordPress website as their main managed services website.

WP-Wise captures lead information using a series of highly customized forms that can be designed to capture new prospect information, register prospects and clients to receive your MSP newsletter and even track attendees to your upcoming marketing events.

The WP-Wise CAPTCHA service prevents unwanted, spam or otherwise false information from clogging up the ConnectWise opportunity tool, keeping your ConnectWise tool free to process legitimate requests for more information and track all leads and new opportunities.

WP-Wise offers all managed service providers with a no obligation 30 day trial of the service including installation and consulting on how to best deploy the solution. After the 30 day trial has elapsed, WP-Wise is a $59.95 per month investment.

To learn more on how WP-Wise can help your managed services business visit

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