IT management trends for 2013

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December 31, 2012

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The growing dependency on technology in today's workplaces has IT departments constantly scrambling to ensure they have the needed resources at their disposal. As the new year approaches, executives need to be ready for what the future may hold and have a plan in place to handle it.

In a recent guest column for Forbes Magazine, Jonathan Crane – the COO of managed service provider IPsoft – explained what he considers to be the major trends that IT Principals will need to be aware of next year.

"For most enterprises, IT is quickly becoming one of the costliest departments, draining revenue, and, more importantly, human resources," wrote Crane. "In order for organizations to reduce expenses and optimize business productivity, IT management must take a significant leap forward."

He goes on to say that there will be four key trends in the new year – insourcing, service desk refresh, platform integration and increased automation.

According to Crane, global outsourcing has dropped 20 percent since last year because of increased overseas costs and poor communication with foreign employees. From that, turning to areas like China and India has fallen out of favor. Instead, organizations are looking to local Solution Providers to help support and maintain IT systems that can not be handled in-house.

The other three factors will require a change in IT thinking. More systems are becoming automated, which requires a different set of skills. For companies that do not have that talent in-house, they will need to find it somewhere.

With a tech shift coming, IT Principals need to have the right resources in place. VARs and MSPs can be the needed partners to help businesses handle any situation.

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