Lessons Learned as an MSP Coach in 2012

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
December 29, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP Coaching2012 is officially in the books. What did you learn during this past 12 months? 

2012 was a year of discovery for me. I had an opportunity to truly figure out what matters to me as an individual and a managed services provider consultant/coach.

My biggest eye-opener was operating within a specific maturity level. In business we have many stages from infancy, through adulthood and finally death. All businesses evolve through this and all relationships go through this as well. What we need to figure out is where we want to play.

Maturity in business is crucial to your overall success. Operating as a mature business owner and business will allow you to pick up bigger and better clients. Not saying that bigger is always better, but some clients are not worth the struggles no matter how big or small they are.

In your business you should never feel like you are pushing a rock uphill. Nothing will exhaust you faster than trying to push that heavy rock all day, every day and some relationships in business are just like that.

Look at your best relationships, what character traits do they all have? I can tell you the best ones for me are the relationships where it is equal give and take on both sides, a strategic relationship where all parties work in a collaborative environment.  For me, my best clients are the ones who are fully engaged in the process throughout and show up for meetings and come prepared to execute. That is a maturity thing.

Ulistic continues to mature as a company and we are good to say NO to some people and not try to over extend ourselves. Competitors will come and go and we also understand the importance of not becoming overly focused on those who offer similar services.

I have to admit to some degree I became overly concerned about my competitors, hanging on to everything they do and everything they say. My advice to you is this; nothing will kill you more than trying to keep up with the Jones’. Don’t worry about what your competitors are doing and just focus on what you can do.

There is always someone better than you – focus on who you are and why people care to do business with you. That is going to be our approach in 2013. We are going to focus on providing the best possible service to a small footprint of clients. So should you.

Can I help you grow your MSP business in 2013?  If so, let’s chat.  I invite you to call me directly at 403.260.9021 ext 101.

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